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Italy Ceremony

The following photos are of our wedding day at the beautiful Castello di Spaltenna luxury hotel in Gaiole, Italy. We were married on Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 6:00pm on the hotel grounds with the hills of Tuscany as our backdrop.

During our nuptials, we chose to include a Baci ceremony so that each guest could offer their personal blessing. The ritual involves tying a string around each person's wrist to preserve peace, harmony, good fortune, good health, human warmth and community. It was such a special part of our day. A lovely moment with each member of our family that we will always remember.

Many thanks to our brother-in-law, Braedan Gallas for his thoughtfulness and care in officiating our ceremony. His words were meaningful and impactful. We are ever so grateful to him.

It was a magical day and we are delighted to share our photos with you!